Liquid Weather

Liquid Weather is a patented product that permanently darkens and ages the surface of all kinds of masonry.

By instantly mimicking the natural weathering process Liquid Weather gives a mature, aged appearance to brick, stone, concrete, tile and render around the house and garden.

One easy application is all that is needed to match existing brickwork, blend in stonework, darken new roofs and pantiles, tone down a driveway or patio, tint new mortar, disguise patched render, finish a fireplace or age garden pots, paths and ornaments.


Just had an extension? Raw, new masonry of the same material is always lighter than the original, and can adversely affect the aesthetic and value of your home. Liquid Weather makes ageing stone or brick a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort.

IMPORTANT: Genuine Liquid Weather is only available from this website, our eBay and Amazon shops or from an authorised retail merchant. Liquid Weather which does not have a printed code on the neck, or which has not been correctly warehoused, may have been made unsuitable for use or, worse still, rendered unstable. The performance of this product can only be guaranteed if bought from this website or one of our authorised merchants.