About Liquid Weather

Liquid Weather is the unique, new solution to the age-old problem of mis-matched masonry. In the past people have tried all kinds of “trade secrets” with indifferent success. The use of cow muck and yoghurt is one such practice, albeit a rather pungent and messy one!

Liquid Weather is a simple, straightforward product that permanently stains almost all types of masonry to give an instant appearance of age and maturity. This is achieved by replicating the natural weathering process, using the same carbon particles normally deposited by the atmosphere.

The formula uses acrylic, water-based resins to penetrate and stain microscopically, leaving the surface texture unchanged.
Please note that Liquid Weather is not paint, nor will it change the surface colour. Instead it uses a natural darkening effect that can be controlled and varied as required.

As the product dries you may notice an initial slight bluish tinge, this vanishes as the product “locks” into the surface to leave an attractive patina that is otherwise only achieved by age and weathering.

After use, the effect is highly weather and wear resistant, and will not require re-application. Furthermore, Liquid Weather will not retard fungal or mossy growth or otherwise affect the characteristics of the surface – so that, once treated, it will continue to age in the same way as surrounding areas.

Translated data sheets: German, Spanish, French and Italian.