Efflorescence is unsightly and is frequently a cause of disappointment and dispute in new, as well as old, buildings. It is caused by water, that is trapped in any concrete or masonry material after manufacture, dissolving salts and carrying them to the surface where they appear as either a white powder or crystals.

Water Shield will prevent such building materials from becoming discoloured by efflorescence, since it stops water flowing to the surface while, at the same time, allowing the substrate to dry through evaporation of water vapour.

If efflorescence is already present on brick, stone, tiles, ornaments or along the mortar joints this should be removed before applying Water Shield by using a Water Shield Brass Bristle Brush. This is by far the best way to solve the problem since it involves no liquids or acids that may damage the surface and promote faster regrowth of efflorescent deposits.



This handmade, ergonomically designed brush is ideal as it quickly removes the efflorescence without risking damaging the surface or later staining with rust deposits. It can be used either in the hand or with a handle to reach higher areas.