3-products-watershieldWater Shield FAQs

1. What are the main advantages Water Shield has over ordinary masonry waterproofers?
Answer: Unlike waterproof coatings which seal the surface with a “stearate” (mainly animal fat), Water Shield applies a microporous membrane which penetrates the substrate and locks onto the walls of every microscopic cavity.  This membrane allows moisture, in the form of vapour, to evaporate through it – thus allowing the substrate to dry out. At the same time it stops any water penetrating the substrate.  By keeping the masonry dry, frost is unable to damage the substrate.
In addition, Water Shield will stop unsightly efflorescence from appearing or re-appearing, will help insulate the property and to keep it clean from dirt, road salt and all manner of bio contaminants (such as mould, mildew, moss and algae).
2. How should Water Shield be applied and at what temperature?
Answer: Test the surface first with a little water – if absorbed, proceed. Using a brush or low pressure sprayer, flood the surface with Water Shield focussing on any mortar joints – which are most porous.  On vertical surfaces work from bottom to top.  Apply a second coat 10-20 minutes after the flood coat when the surface appears damp but not wet.  Depending on conditions the surface should be dry around an hour after application.
3. Must the surface be completely dry before application?
Answer:  No. Since Water Shield is water based, it is much more tolerant of dampness  than ordinary solvent based water repellents.  Although we recommend application  after at least two days without rain, Water Shield can be applied to surfaces that are not completely dry.
4. How long will the protection last?
Answer: Because Water Shield penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate it cannot be readily abraded away.  Thus, surface erosion will not significantly affect the waterproofing characteristics.  Although every circumstance is different Water Shield will go on working, protecting the surface for an absolute minimum of 10 years. Ordinary stearate products stop being effective in less than half this time.
5. What substrates can Water Shield be applied on?
Answer: Any hard surface that is to some degree absorbent. This includes almost all bricks, non-igneous rocks including sandstone and limestone, roofing tiles, blocks, slabs, concrete, plaster, render.
6. Is any special equipment required?
Answer: No. Any brush or low pressure sprayer will suffice, and tools can be cleaned  after use with soapy water followed by a clean water rinse.
7. Is Water Shield safe to use?
Answer: Yes, since it is water based and non-inflammable. However, skin and eye contact should be avoided (if not – wash splashes from skin and flush from eyes with  copious amounts of water).
8. What effect does Water Shield have on the appearance of a treated surface?
Answer: Once dry, none. There is no surface sheen or change of colour. Some water beading may initially be observed after rain, which will fade with time – without any loss of the waterproofing qualities.
9. What if the surface is already covered with white efflorescent salts?
Answer: These should first be removed with a Water Shield Brass Bristle Brush. Do not use any liquid for this purpose since any acids may damage the surface.
10. Can Water Shield be used to refurbish surfaces already treated with an ordinary waterproofer?
Answer: Yes. The chemistry of Water Shield allows it to overcome any residual water repellancy and deeply penetrate the substrate.
11.Can I paint over Water Shield?
Answer:  Yes, there is generally no problem.  However a check should first be made on a small inconspicuous  area to ensure compatability.
12.How can Water Shield save me money?
Answer: The long term effectiveness of Water Shield will mean that your property goes on being protected from water, frost, efflorescence, mould and all manner of dirt and contaminants – thus helping avoid costly repairs.
13.How long is the shelf life of a bottle of Water Shield?
Answer:  4 years when stored between 5 C (41 F) and 30 C (86 F).
14.How much do I need?
Answer: Allow a 5 lire bottle for every 10-12 square meters ( 105-130 square feet).
15.OK! I’m convinced. Now how can I get hold of some Water Shield?
Answer:  You can order here from the website, from trusted Amazon outlets and from leading builders and other trade merchants.