How To Use

Water Shield is very easy to use.  Select a time when no rain has fallen for at least 2 days and when temperatures are likely to remain above 5 C (41 F) for 24 hours. Then, using a brush or low-pressure sprayer, flood the surface with Water Shield, focussing on the mortar joints which are most porous. On vertical surfaces work from top to bottom.  Apply a second coat 10-20 minutes after the flood coat when the surface appears damp rather than wet. The surface should be dry approximately 1 hour after application, depending on conditions.

If any efflorescence is present, remove it first with a Water Shield Brass Bristle Brush. Do not use any liquids for this. Water Shield will keep the efflorescence from recurring.

If the surface is patchy in appearance, before application blend old and new masonry together with Liquid Weather Masonry Colour Harmoniser.